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If you add me, I'll add you back. However I like to know where you found my screen name? Friending meme? Random post in a comm you liked? Just making sure you aren't a troll.

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Continued From this twitter conversation

@ [ profile] wrilliambwest @ _Scorch_ I know, it makes me wonder, are they deliberately trying to choke the networks to death? Feels like networks recently have been almost intentionally putting out lackluster products, and shows that can't last more than two seasons. At the same time many industry leaders seem to lament the fact that they can't program interesting shows on prime time.
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Must rant about Once Upon A Time, everyone seems to love this show, but as the show goes on I find myself falling off the bandwagon. Tonight's show about what is supposed to be the epoch romance between Mary Margaret (aka Snow White) and Prince Charming (aka David Nolan) left me feeling disappointed.

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Should start trying to get used to this place since LJ seems to quickly be going the way of Myspace. Don't know if I'll be crossposting, but I have ranted enough over on LJ.
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Have some stuff on a Time Warner DVR, that I want to keep permanently and get onto my computer running Windows Vista 64 bit. I don't really care about the video quality, as long as it is watchable, and the sound stays in sync and that I will be able to edit it in Windows Movie Maker once on my computer. My computer does have a slot for RCA inputs, and the DVR has a slot for RCA outputs. However I've started Windows Movie Maker, while connecting the two and it doesn't work!

I'm considering buying special USB software, used for VCRs (same outputs) and possibly using a Win XP laptop. If I invest in software, what is the best to use? I'm looking at all kinds of things on Amazon/Best Buy and a lot of things have negative reviews and software issues.

So what method would you recommend getting non HD content off a DVR and onto a computer running Windows Vista 64 bit? The stuff was recorded in SD, off a non HD channel, so I don't think copy protections is an issue.
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According to [ profile] news LJ has been placed on a spam list, making it so that reply notifications e-mails don't get sent. On my regular LJ it is one thing, on communities it is another. If I post, I want to see replies. There is the option of remembering where I posted and seeing if there are replies, but that is hard on a lot of comms, which get loads of replies.

Debating whether this is the straw that gets me onto Dreamwidth, how does Tumblr work?
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If I post here, will it crosspost to my LJ?
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Last season most of the shows I watch were canceled, whatever I have been watching is currently on hiatus, and for the first time in a long time, there is nothing I care about on regular TV. And I'm almost out of Guild episodes. I'm watching the last episodes of season four right now with feelings of guilt, as if it is some valuable commodity which should be savored but saved for when I really need it. One day or night I may be bored, and like most nights, there will be nothing but reruns, canned crime drama, bad reality TV and bad sitcoms on, I'll be really dying for something good to watch, but I won't have any fresh unwatched guild episodes to watch.
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I know I should be saving this for Halloween:

Dracula and Frankenstein playing Chess, what can this be for?

Frankenstein (well now the professor not the monster) likes his steak sauce:

And a Cigar:

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Some fun with The Shat, inspired by [ profile] vintage_ads these are all pre Shatner revolution of the late 90s/early 2000s where he learned to make fun of himself.

Shatner with a Penguin:

Shatner with the predecessor to the Commodore 64:

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It is cold, but not that bad, I have a good down jacket, I have heat, the heater in my car is working. Don't need to worry about the cold. Also this isn't that bad, it isn't down into the single digits fahrenheit during the day, something I remember seeing a few times when I was growing up.
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Will certainly be getting the Doctor Who Movie, featuring the 8th Doctor when it comes out on DVD in the US on February, and will promptly be seeking out the Big Finish Audios :-D

Was just at a 25th anniversary event for a local Doctor Who fanclub, the guest of honor was Daphne Ashbrook, aka Grace Grace Holloway the 8th Doctor's companion. I casually mentioned how I had to park a few blocks away, and she insisted on walking me back to my car. I told her she didn't have to but she insisted on doing it anyways. And to top that off, Matt Smith will be on Craig Ferguson tonight!
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Tis the season! What are the indicators that it is no longer summer and that fall is upon us? The crisp smell of apples in the air? Nah, no apples to be had where I live. Leaves of various color on the trees, and nice crisp leaves, ripe for stomping covering the sidewalk. Yes they indicate fall is here, but usually we don't see that until at least mid October when retail fall has almost ended, and the stores are preparing for the winter holiday season. Fall starts after Labor Day, when the stores swap out the grilling charcoal, and replace it with Halloween Candy. Starbucks stops promoting those Frappucinos, and brings out the Pumpkin Spice Latte.

While I usually prefer my coffee straight up, the Pumpkin spice latte has become something of an autumn tradition for me. I'll admit that they might be an acquired taste with tastes a bit like raw pumpkin pie batter mixed with coffee. Starbucks does an okay job, even though today mine just wasn't "pumpkin spicy" enough and I ended up augmenting the flavor with some of the complimentary nutmeg and cinnamon provided by Starbucks. I like Starbucks, but honestly yesterday's coffee from 7-11 mixed with some International Mills Pumpkin Flavored coffee creamer was better in terms of pumpkin flavoring. Unfortunately 7-11 doesn't provide pumpkin bread to go with my coffee, as far as I know. Also 7-11 doesn't provide a nice atmosphere where I sit and leisurely sip my coffee mixed with pumpkin spiced creamer.

And apologies for the picture quality, this one was taken via a cell phone.
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Decided to sample some of what the new TV season has to offer. LJ cut for possible spoilers:

Boardwalk Empire )

The Event )

Hawaii Five-0 )
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After a long, extremely hot, sticky yucky summer I'm actually anxiously awaiting October for this year. This summer was bad, the kind of summer which might have well been winter because of the oppressive heat. Hopefully I'll have an apple picking opportunity, or trip to a nice orchard that carries that type of stuff this time of year. I also find myself anxiously awaiting Halloween, and am now trying to think of a costume, and fun things to do on that day. In the past I've dreaded seeing the Halloween stuff out too early, but this year I feel compelled to start buying it a month and ten days early. There is also nostalgia for Halloween past, that several of my favorite bloggers have started with. Now trying to think of nostalgic topics to start penning for Halloween.
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Bah, what is up with LJ recently? If I wanted to post something to Twitter, I would post it directly to Twitter, if I wanted to post it to Facebook, it would go directly to Facebook. If I wanted to connect them all, I would find some third party software type thing. Also if you are replying to a friends locked post in my LJ, please do not crosspost it to Facebook or Twitter!

I also miss the ability to use "control tab" to post stuff, I'm too used to doing that. Is there any way they can come up with some way of "opting out"?

Also what is up with ONTD? I can't stand the new layout and the new look.

I always get this way when changes are made to my sites, I'm sure I'll get used to it eventually


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