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Decided to sample some of what the new TV season has to offer. LJ cut for possible spoilers:

This is the show that most critics have been praising this season, however I gave it a try, and it didn't really stray from the usual HBO fare, grittiness, drugging, drinking, violence, over the top sex all over the place, with the usual abuse against women thrown in. Steve Buscemi is good, but he is your garden variety morally ambiguous HBO lead. To be different, this one takes place in the 20s, instead of the 50s, 70s or 19th century, so they can go to town on historical vice, and get in all kinds of pretty costumes. Pilot didn't capture my interests, so I don't think I'll be back.

The pilot of this show was jumpy, and confusing in the way the show attempted to tell the story via flashbacks, and flashes to what was happening in the present, on a plane nonetheless. It was just a bit too reminiscent of Lost, 24, and the numerous shows last season which attempted to rip off Lost. The main character played by Jason Ritter, and his girlfriend/fiance were a bit too pretty to be likable. I had no idea whether the seven year old at the main female character's house was supposed to be her daughter or her sister. I must say that show wasn't a total goner. The frightening scene when Jason Ritter's character is on vacation on a cruise, gets locked out of his hotel room, then finds that he is not registered with the hotel, attempts to contact his girlfriend to find that her cell phone is no longer in service, was well done and surprisingly original. Laura Innes also was convincingly spooky and mysterious, and making me forget about her ER character. The ending wasn't too bad. I'll tune again, but I'm not totally sold. Don't know if this show isn't going to be this year's Lost rip off which falls apart halfway into the season, and or the Lost rip off which is actually good, but prematurely canceled and lamented.

Will admit that I never watched the original, and I usually don't do crime dramas. The show was entertaining, and I like the idea of something which takes place in Hawaii. The not so strong link in the show is lead actor Alex O'Loughlin, who is completely overshadowed by Scott Caan. I don't know who in Hollywood is determined to make Alex O'Loughlin into a TV to movie star, and presumably a Hollywood star, but whoever it is, they need to realize that it is time to give up. At this point any time I see him on TV, I'm starting to think he is The Pretender because this is his third lead anchoring role in four years. Maybe I bought him as a vampire, but I didn't buy him as a cardiologist, and I don't buy him as a cop. Also while I love James Marsters, typecasting is becoming a problem. Please no more playing British/Irish baddies?
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