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Reading this article while watching Teen Mom, and various episodes of Intervention in the background. I always wonder if whoever pens articles like this for The New York Times, has ventured outside their middle class New York Metropolitan Area background? Yes, they are going to get loads of people like me from New York saying "oh yes, I agree." But I wonder how someone from an area where expectations are completely different, where people often have a home and kids by the time they hit 20 or even 25 see articles like this?
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Saw the last Airbender, all I have to say is that I am anxiously awaiting the Rifftrack. Mike, and the bots Kevin, and, Bill have their work cut out for them. Hoping it is out quickly, and that the riff is out shortly afterwords. The movie was bad, but what got me through is wondering how this film will be riffs, what kinds of jokes will be made when Rifftrax rips it to shreds. The twilight films are bad, but are dull, this was just different. When the DVD is released, I'll utilize blockbuster, and Rifftrax.

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And I thought Uncrustables were lazy:

Thanks to The Pilver, and Galileo, I've learned about the Candwich. Looks strange, and in many ways Uncrustables meets, Cheeseburger in a can.

Product has not been released yet, may never be released, turns out that the guy who invented it used money from commercial real estate investments/..For millions of dollars, the peanut butter better be Skippy, not the cheap stuff where the oil comes to the top after being left out the way PB is meant to be left out.
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Anyone else having this issue?

Posting things on LJ, but LJ isn't giving me an e-mails alerting me about responses to posts.
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Do not bring a Vuvuzela to a US sporting event, it would be extremely annoying. Even though I am curious about those things, and wonder what it would be like to be in a stadium with everyone playing them.

It would not be appreciated at a Yankee game, or a Mets game.

And ETA Happy Canada Day to the Canadians on my F'List :-D
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Seeing Conan tonight, all kinds of excited, have my camera, debating whether or not I should take pics?

My camera sucks, but it should be interesting.
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Managed to get tickets for Iron Man II on IMAX the first Saturday it is released. However I'm debating whether a night with not too much sleep is worth seeing one of the Thursday midnight screenings.
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After DVR'ing South Park, I watched the Final Ugly Betty last night, all good shows must come to an end, and in my humble opinion, Ugly Betty's time was up.

Ugly Betty Finale Spoilers )
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Watched the newest Doctor Who last night, as was watching I felt compelled to keep a word processing application open and give a play by play on my thoughts about the episode. On a scale of 1-10, I would give it a 4.75, bad but not totally ridiculously over the top horrible. So far I don't like Amy Pond as a companion.  Overall I felt I was watching Lost, meets Farscape, meets Dark City.

Did Moffat really have to go and create a totally new companion for Eleven? How about for the first few episodes, sticking to already established characters. Say what you want about Gwen, but I would take her over Amy Pond. Rani or Maria from The Sarah Jane Adventures?


Onto my play by play of the episode:

Farscape meets Lost, Meets Dark City )
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Don't know if I can come up with a coherent Lost post tonight, suffice to say I think I'm now a Nestor Carbonell fangirl.

Also squeeing tonight because [ profile] witherwings7 from [ profile] ontd_latenight made it onto Craig Ferguson.
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Bought NY tickets for Conan, and have tics for Craig as well and Cinnematic Titanic. Now I need to find ways to cut back, guess I'll be living off ramen noodles for the next few months. Or store brand instant oatmeal is slightly healthier.
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I want a Robot Skeleton Sidekick!

Please follow Grant Imahara on twitter, at 100,000 Craig Ferguson gets a Robot Skeleton sidekick!
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[ profile] socialism_vk, how do I know you? Do I have a new Soviet Russian robot friend? How did you find me? I'm on a few comms where there is some crossover from your side of LJ, but from your profile, it doesn't look like you are into the food comms. And your journal seems overtly political, and all in Russian. If you speak English, it would be nice to explain.

If you are a robot, I think robots are fun in all of their artificially intelligent glory. Some of my favorite shows contain robots. I love MST3K, where two out of the three cast members are Robots, and am part of Craig Ferguson's robot skeleton army. Data was always my favorite character on Star Trek The Next Generation, although he is more of an android than a robot.
I have no problems with making friends with robots as long as they follow these simple rules

# A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
# A robot must obey any orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
# A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law
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For all the teachers on my F'list affected by the big blizzard.

I know that Snow Days are a mess to deal with, and cost valuable classroom time. Usually the solution is adding days at the end of the year. However from what I have seen, when that happens, it is a few days at the very end of June, when it is hot, the curriculum has been covered, and tests are taken if you are in High School. If you aren't, it is usually at the end of the year, when things are winding down, and I don't know if lessons are actually being done.

What is your solution for dealing with snow days? This day in age, would it be feasible to somehow hold classes online? Assign them large chunks of material to read/teach themselves, e-mail any questions that they may need help with, and quiz them the first day the return back?

I just have memories of being in school and doing well on tests right after snow days, because of the extra study time.

Some people might find this interesting School of the Air

As well as This
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Been tweeting a lot. Debating whether this LJ needs Loud Twitter. Or, on the other hand if people don't want tweets can read their LJ f'lists, and those who do want my tweets can add me on twitter.
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Just discovered holes in my rubber rain boots, will need to scout out a new pair. Hope the waterproofing on my Uggs will hold up before I can get new rubber boots.


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