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I'm so pissed at the direction of this show, why am I still watching? This soap is a 35 year habit I just can't kick. I was going to give up after eight years of Bush II, but then I was pleasantly surprised by the next writer. They did so many groundbreaking things while managing to make all of the show's veterans relevant again. I was elated to see Hillary in the saddle again with the Secretary of State storyline. Why they had to add on the whole poorly written Benghazzi mess is beyond me.

Couldn't they keep Hillary and Bill around? Why did they have to lose the election? I know the show wanted to make a point that polls can be wrong, and try to teach us a psychology lesson about groupthink. I know they were dropping anvils about it with the Michael Moore character but why did they have to have Donald win and make the show The Donald hour!

Bill and Hillary were the veterans I wanted to see, the ones who ran The White House. We do not want to see Donald the pre political "Dynasty/Dallas" eighties mega-rich hottie as the president! Characters like Donald were excellent in the 80s and 90s when all the soaps had them, JR on Dallas, Roger Thorpe on Guiding Light, and Victor Newman on The Young and the Restless. Why bring them back? Why bring the men back and not the women?

Does the "not so new," writer have some backlog of scripts that were written in the early 90s during the Donald/Ivana/Marla triangle? Ones that they couldn't use because the Soviet Union fell and the contract issues with the actors playing Marla, Donald, and Ivana?

It was one thing to bring the Donald character out of the mothballs for the fake reality show which was cute, and I love how they kept him on for the election. The debate scenes between Donald and Hillary were something that rivals not just what is on prime time, but prime time pay cable. After all these years, the actor still is one of the best in the business. But now he seems to have morphed into Tony Geary overnight and is just demanding the entire storyline.

Why must the enemy be another evil bond villain? Did the writers have anything in mind when they had Putin meeting with both Bernie and Donald.

Also it seems that at time the writes my not get the Donald right, or maybe I'm just disappointed.

The Donald of the past few years I've always thought had a spine and a decent moral core. I could have seen him being the type to take the election from Republicans then do a surprise turn and govern for all. Was that the original plan, or are they going to do some type of dementia storyline?

The only thing keeping me these days is the possibility of Justin/Ivanka, one of the best daytime parings I've seen in twenty years.
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