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I don't know what it is about both the US and UK versions of this show. With the UK version, whenever I hear they will air it from the start, the same thing happens. I get all excited that I can watch it from the beginning turn it on, and about two hours later it is on in the background, and the mute button on on the TV. Maybe I'm a ghost, or possessed by something, but I don't remember specifically when I turned it off or maybe there is something about the show where if I try watching it from the beginning, my interest fades about two episodes in.

The first episode of the UK version, it is okay, although I find the lead female ghost, Annie aka "Ugg Cardy Boots," a bit too nice and sweetsie poo of a character. Aiden the Vampire, is just another good looking friendly neighborhood vampire dealing with the stereotypical evil vamps. Nothing new to see that I haven't seen on Angel, True Blood, Moonlight, and countless other shows which have done the vampire thing. I think I can safely say that Vampires are over. While there is something endearing about Russel Torvey's character and I really do like the actor, I prefer my Werewolves as born that way and proud of their Wolfie heritage, not whiny and mopey about their condition. While I like the actors, I look forward to seeing them in other shows!

I saw the first episode of the US North American remake attempt, and it just didn't work. The UK cast has a certain amount of chemistry, and the actors are distinguishable from one another. The US version makes me appreciated the actors in the UK version, Annie is sweetsiepoo, but at least the actress playing her can act, unlike Sally in the remake. It also makes me appreciate the fact that in the UK version Russel Torvey is ordinary looking in contract to Aiden Turner who is just hot. In the US version, during the pilot I found myself confusing the werewolf and the vampire.
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