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Tis the season! What are the indicators that it is no longer summer and that fall is upon us? The crisp smell of apples in the air? Nah, no apples to be had where I live. Leaves of various color on the trees, and nice crisp leaves, ripe for stomping covering the sidewalk. Yes they indicate fall is here, but usually we don't see that until at least mid October when retail fall has almost ended, and the stores are preparing for the winter holiday season. Fall starts after Labor Day, when the stores swap out the grilling charcoal, and replace it with Halloween Candy. Starbucks stops promoting those Frappucinos, and brings out the Pumpkin Spice Latte.

While I usually prefer my coffee straight up, the Pumpkin spice latte has become something of an autumn tradition for me. I'll admit that they might be an acquired taste with tastes a bit like raw pumpkin pie batter mixed with coffee. Starbucks does an okay job, even though today mine just wasn't "pumpkin spicy" enough and I ended up augmenting the flavor with some of the complimentary nutmeg and cinnamon provided by Starbucks. I like Starbucks, but honestly yesterday's coffee from 7-11 mixed with some International Mills Pumpkin Flavored coffee creamer was better in terms of pumpkin flavoring. Unfortunately 7-11 doesn't provide pumpkin bread to go with my coffee, as far as I know. Also 7-11 doesn't provide a nice atmosphere where I sit and leisurely sip my coffee mixed with pumpkin spiced creamer.

And apologies for the picture quality, this one was taken via a cell phone.

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Date: 2010-09-23 01:39 am (UTC)
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Although I don't drink coffee, I do like those Starbucks pumpkin breads and scones and muffins and general pumpkin bready-things. I ate a LOT of those last year while I was tutoring in Starbucks; your picture is making me kind of miss them (what with Singapore not having seasons, they generally don't do seasonal stuff, or, when they do put up all the Christmas decorations, it's mostly just kind of weird).

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Date: 2010-09-23 05:54 am (UTC)
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Aww, it is hard to imagine a place without seasons, but a place without seasons, that doesn't at least pause to celebrate the basic holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Do they have Starbucks in Singapore? I would imagine they do, but beyond coffee, I would guess that most of the pastries and baked goods they stock are probably regional?


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