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According to Kristen's podcast on E! Online, the entire cast of Heroes is to be killed off. Found this spoiler over on Soap Zone, where the general consensus is that Kristen comes up with these somewhat misleading spoilers just to get traffic up on her website.

However, thinking about it, I would not mind seeing all of the Heroes killed off with the exception of a few.

While it is nice to see Peter "Not Parker" being developed, and they certainly developed him two weeks ago, I still find him whiny and annoying, same goes for Claire "Not Buffy" Bennet. With each passing episode, indestructible Claire is getting closer and closer to a Mary Sue. There is a general dullness about the character which I don't know if I can ever get past.

While I can identify with Hiro, the sterotypical Japanese otaku, his character is still too much of a cutsey Asian stereotype to be taken seriously. Even if they turn him into "future Hiro," he will not be shaking the stereotypical Asian image, with his sammurai sword.

Nuclear Geico Caveman can go, there is no potential in the character and it is obvious he is being set up for the bad guy. I have heard that Greg Grunberg is a good actor, but really can't see their being a way of making Matt Parkman more interesting.

A good way to shake up the show would to be killing all of them off, with the exception of Nathan, who now must come to terms with losing his brother, and long lost daughter. This brings him close with his wife, and their two sons one of who has developed powers, and is now showing signs of rebellion. He rebels, runs away, becomes a bad guy and ends up hanging with Claude "aka Not Spike," in all his snarky goodness.

Hiro's powers could be passed onto his quiet sister who has always shown a penchant for business, but not for being a hero. She must rise up to the challenge after the loss of her brother, while she develops a potential relationship with Ando. Both are trying to make sense of the loss of Hiro.


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