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Someone flies, someone dies, no one is safe, blah blah blah.

Blah blah blah, someone dies, someone flies, no one is safe, but not quite in tonight's episode!

The characters on this show are hideously naive. Can't Ando and Hiro, during their second round of stereotypical asian antics at the Las Vegas "Nontecito," be a bit more suspecious of beautiful women who try to hit on them? And no more oh so cute sneaking into dangerous places, it is getting old.

Must admit they had me when they were about to kill "Not Weiss," they had me for a few minutes! Was thinking about what a waste of a character he is after they killed him off. But now he has grown a backbone. Now I hope to see him dumping the wife.

When will the Nikki/Jessica storyline end, what is the point of her character?

Was relieved to see that Nathan actually cares about his long lost daughter. Had a feeling they were going to make him an all out baddie, and was actually relieved they didn't. I hate the cliched "insta-parent," and "insta-relationship," and was surprisingly satisfied by tonight's episode. Although is it evil of me to expect Jessalyn Gilsig to utter her trademark phrase from Nip/Tuck?

Claire is getting even more annoying, yes I understand that Daddy is evil, but I hate the way they have ruined the relationship. And I think I should start calling her mother "Not Joyce." Tonight she was acting like Brain Tumor Joyce Summers, and I'm betting that next week they will rip off The Body?

Last but not least don't tie in Window's Vista advertisements for next week's ep, made me totally forget what is supposed to happen.


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