Jan. 17th, 2007

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Was expecting more from this show, but it just didn't deliver!

Even though I liked the character of Captain Jack, I had a bad feeling about them giving him an entire show. While he was interesting, and had oodles of potential, he was not featured all that heavily previously on Who. It would have been nice if they had kept him on for series three of and developed him a tiny bit more before giving him the spin off.

In addition, John Barrowman, simply didn't have enough acting experience in film/television, to lead a show. While he can do fun and sexy just fine, any scene where the he has to express any form of anger is cringeworthy. Before the second series, he should really work on convincingly doing anger on film/TV.

Also the ensamble cast never really jelled. RTD seemed to use the same "Mary Sue," method he used on Who to introduce us to the new group of characters, who I found unlikable, but I'm not sure why. It could be because there was no sense of them being a family, or a group before we met them. They were just random characters stuck together because of their job.

Burn Gorman is a good actor, but Owen is just icky. Besides his cybergirlfriend, we really don't know much about Ianto, except that he looks good in a suit, and is bi. Tosh is good at math, and also bi.

It would have been nice had their been prior relationships and friendships been established before this show. Also could have been interesting if they started with two or three characters, and picked up a few more along the way. In addition, the show is lacking the sense of humour and goofyness which makes shows like Dr. Who fun to watch.

Many of the episodes felt like recycled Angel, or X-Files episodes. If that wasn't the case they felt sci fi horror movies, such as Event Horizon, Pitch Black, and Alien vs. Preditor, where they thrust a group of characters on the canvas, only to kill them off one by one.

I'm not giving up hope quite yet, I still see potential in the show if the characters are developed properly, and a few changes are made.

I still really love Dr. Who. Runaway Bride was excellent, I loved getting all the excitement, humor and fun which Torchwood sorely lacked. I had serious doubts as to whether or not this show could continue without Rose, since for the past two seasons the show had relied on her character. In this episode David Tennant went above and beyond the call of proving me wrong, in fact, I prefer his Doctor who Eccleston's. Here is hoping that the new season of Dr. Who will be up to par with Runaway Bride.
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Heroes Gets Full Season Renewal

Renewed for the rest of this season, and for the rest of next season.

While it is doing well in the ratings, the plotlines all seem to move at a snail's pase, in pattern reminiscent of Lost. Knowing it is renewed for a full season and a half could make the writers think they have carte blanche to keep developing things slowly, asking more questions than answers. I am worried that they will decide to do things slowly as possible, where the cliffhanger and action don't happen until the end of season two, when the ratings have gone down and NBC is looking to give the show the ax.


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