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Potential spoilers, and speculation for Lost, so Read more... )
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Finally caught up with the episodes of Lost which I had missed.

I want answers and I want them soon, I can't believe that half the season is over already.

Regarding the Ana Lucia episode, I'm now sorry I criticized that show for lacking a strong female lead, I got what I wished for, Mary Stu.

I cringe at what direction they will be taking Ana Lucia!

I wish I could enjoy Sawyer more, but his character gives me a sense of deja vu. He is a walking cliche, the bad boy the audience wants to see reformed. For those who have seen Firefly/Serenity, is there any difference between Sawyer and Jayne? Yes I know they come from different time periods and Jayne still has his parents, but besides that.

The Sawyer gets shot, plotline reeked of something out of a hurt comfort fanfic.

I'll continue watching Lost, but I will keep a very close eye on that shark with the Dharma initiave logo on it. What did kill the pilot in that first episode? Why is Locke suddenly able to walk again? Whatever happened to French Lady? How is she related to The Others? How are the others related to the Dharma Initiave? Why did she try to take Claireling? Why do the characters have names like Locke, Sayer etc?
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So far this season I find myself watching most of the new TV shows. Unfortunately, for some reason I can't seem to get into any of them to the point where I want to venture into the upper levels of fandom. A pot of Starbucks Italian roast at the office had me thinking about exactly why this is. Read more... )


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